Montserrat Fargas

      Dr Montserrat Fargas

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      Research Statement

      My background is in Sociology (BSsc), Women's Studies (MA.), and Education (PhD). I started working in 2005 at Queen's University Belfast, in the School of Social Work. I worked for over two years in a project looking at the effectiveness of services provided by community groups to those affected by the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Following that post, I worked in the third wave of the 'Care Pathways and Outcomes' study, a longitudinal study following a population of children who were under 5 years old and in public care in Northern Ireland on 31st March 2000. I also worked on the 'At home in care' study, looking at the experiences of children living with birth parent/s on a Care Order, and on the Regional Variations study, looking at regional variations in the placement of children in care in Northern Ireland. Currently, I'm working in the fourth wave of the Care Pathways and Outcomes Study, which focuses on the early adulthood stage. In 2012, I completed a PhD part-time, in the School of Education, entitled: 'Children drawing their own conclusions: Transgenerational transmission of experiences of conflict and peace in Northern Ireland'. It explored whether and to what extent parents' views and experiences on the Troubles influence children's understandings on their country's past and present.

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      • British Journal of Social Work

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      • Children Australia

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        Cambridge University Press

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      • Adoption & Fostering Journal

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        British Association for Adoption & Fostering

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      • Journal of Early Childhood Research

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