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    My primary research interests in general are 17th to 19th century African American history, particularly focused on free people of African descent prior to the Civil War, race relations, and American women's history. My first current book project, Contested Freedom: Movement and Gendered Violence among Free People of Color in Natchez, Mississippi, 1779-1865, is under contract with the University Press of Georgia.  The state of freedom itself for people of African descent in North America prior to the abolishment of slavery was not fixed, static, or monolithic. Instead, it was more a continuum with permeable boundaries that made free people of color susceptible to re-enslavement for a barrage of offenses.  Freedom, then, was not always a permanent state, but contingent and marked with fluidity—a tenuous and unstable purgatory that existed in various degrees between the poles of enslavement and freedom. Contested Freedom situates itself precisely within this shifting and uncertain terrain and examines how freedom, movement, and gendered violence were inextricably linked for free people of color in Natchez across multiple generations from the era of Spanish colonial rule (1779-1795) until the demise of slavery in 1865.

    My second book project, under contract with ABC-CLIO Press is tentatively titled 'Them Days was Hell': Women's Remembrances of Slavery in the WPA Slave Narratives. It is a hybrid primary source reader and collection of original essays that examine critical topics like violence, sexuality, religion, childbearing and rearing, and race relations and highlights illustrative narratives. The book places these primary source slave narratives into historical and cultural context. 



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