Oliver Dunnett
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    Research Interests

    As a cultural, historical and political geographer, my research interests focus on the ways in which cultures of outer space, science and technology are connected to questions of place, landscape and identity in a variety of local, regional and national contexts. I have explored these ideas through research on the British Interplanetary Society, identifying a national culture of 'British outer space' in the mid-twentieth century with connections to well-known figures such as Arthur C Clarke and Patrick Moore. I have further developed these themes in seeking to establish a wider agenda for 'geographies of outer space', examining topics including the moral geographies of light pollution in Britain and the ethics of space exploration in the writings of C S Lewis. I also have concurrent research interests in critical geopolitics and the geographies of popular culture, particularly the medium of comics and the genre of science fiction.


    BA(hons) Geography, University of Nottingham, 2004
    MA Landscape and Culture, University of Nottingham, 2005
    PhD Geography, University of Nottingham, 2011
    PGCert Higher Education, St. Mary’s University College, 2013


    GGY1011 Human Geographies of the Modern World
    GGY2054 Cultural and Political Geography (Module co-ordinator)
    GGY2057 International Fieldwork
    GGY3075 Geographies of Outer Space (Module co-ordinator)
    GGY3081 Geography Dissertation


    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am interested in supervising PhD projects on a range of topics in cultural, historical and political geography, particularly in the following areas:
    - Geographies of outer space
    - Literary geographies and geographies of popular culture
    - Landscape and identity in Britain and Ireland
    - Historical geographies of science and technology

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    • Cultural Geographies

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    • Geopolitics

      ISSNs: 1465-0045

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    • Area

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1475-4762


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    • Social and Cultural Geography

      ISSNs: 1464-9365

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    • Progress in Human Geography

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