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    Patricia Warke

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    Research Interests

    Dr Patricia Warke (BSc, PhD)

    A geographer and geomorphologist by training, my early career research focus on rock weathering in desert environments and its role in landscape development has broadened considerably in the last 20 years to include study of the decay dynamics of stone and other masonry materials in archaeological and historical structures. I also have a keen interest in exploring the spatial and temporal complexity of micro-environmental conditions at the rock/air interface and in the identification of early indicators of masonry decay thus enabling targeted intervention of ‘at risk’ materials and buildings. This work has become increasingly relevant in the context of climate change and the greater frequency of extreme weather events that are creating challenging moisture management conditions for historic buildings.

    I have been involved in conservation programmes for a wide range of buildings providing advice about the causes of deterioration and possible remedial actions. For example, I have been involved in development of a rapid Condition Assessment and Risk Evaluation scheme (CARE) which has been used to assess the condition of archaeological and historical stonework and help in the prioritization of intervention. This scheme has been applied to archaeological structures in Petra, Southern Jordan(1), rock art sites in the UK(2) and as the basis of an inventory of the condition of historic buildings in Northern Ireland(3).

    (1)Warke, P.A., Smith, B.J., Bala’awi, F. & Ishakat, F. 2014. Rapid base-line condition assessment of rock-cut tombs at Petra, southern Jordan: a case study in prioritizing intervention. In Proceedings of ‘Man and the Desert’ Conference, Wadi Rum, Jordan 11–13 November 2011

    (2)Giesen, M.J., Ung, A., Warke, P.A., Christgen, B., Mazel, A.D. & Graham, D.W. 2014 Condition Assessment and Preservation of Open-Air Rock Art Panels during Climate Change. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 15(1): 49–56


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