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    Research Statement

    Upon completion of my Master's Degree in Civil Engineering I embarked on a PhD with the Marine Research Group in Queen's University Belfast from October 2011, graduating in July 2015. The focus of my doctoral research was on the hydrodynamic interactions that form within arrays of Wave Energy Converters. The work involved both physical and numerical modelling and during my PhD I generated significant datasets relating to the operational performance of arrays of WECs ranging from 2-25 devices in size. During my PhD I became involved in both the PerAWaT Wave and WECWakes projects and was invited to join the Wave Energy Converter Array Network (WECAN) committee.

    Following my PhD I accepted a position within the Marine Research Group as a Research Fellow. From October 2014 - December 2015 I worked on the ELoWEC (Extreme Loading on Wave Energy Converters) project. ELoWEC sought to determine the nature of extreme loads experienced by large, surface piercing Oscillating Wave Surge Converters similar to that of the Oyster WEC previously developed by Aquamarine Power Ltd. The scope of works required the development of novel physical experimental systems and extensive completion of high quality physical experiments. A number of physical testing campaigns were completed as part of the ELoWEC project with data analysis still ongoing. 

    My most recent research focus has been on the assessment of numerical method suitability for use in the wave energy industry coupled with the combined performance/fatigue loading assessment of the most commonly considered Wave Energy Converter concepts. This work seeks to determine the potential use of Spectral Domain methods for widespread use in wave energy and to simultaneously undertake a comparative assessment of the structural efficiencies of the most common device types considered. Within the design space of each WEC concept, further works will be completed on the optimisation of design parameters from a coupled performance/loading perspective.

    Research Interests

    My primary research interests include:

    • Marine renewables with specific focus on wave and tidal energy
    • Hydrodynamics and fluid-structure interaction
    • Wave loading on coastal and offshore structures
    • Structural integrity and mechanical optimisation
    • Coastal processes
    • Renewable energy and sustainability
    • Physical modelling and instrumentation
    • Mechnical system development

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