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    Research Statement

    My thesis is titled 'Memory, conflict and class: the experience and legacy of deindustrialisation in Belfast and North East England since 1970'. The thesis adopts a comparative approach to examine the consequences of ‘managed’ and ‘catastrophic’ deindustrialisation. The National Coal Board and Harland & Wolff were selected because of their nationalised status, similar deindustrialisation time-scale and cultural symbolism in their respective regions. Unlike the Coal Board, decimated in the wake of strike action in 1984/5, the British Government supported a managed decline of Harland & Wolff fearing the security consequences of loyalist unemployment during the Troubles. Two different heavy industries (shipbuilding and coal mining) have been chosen to expose the nuances in late twentieth-century industrial culture and social memory - how ex-workers and communities remember industrial decline, cope with its socio-economic effects and interact with deindustrial landscapes. Cultural legacies are also examined, through perceptions of 'heritagisation' efforts and regeneration. Titanic Quarter and Beamish Museum are adopted to explore these themes.





    HIS 2012 - Politics and Society in Twentieth Century Ireland

    HIS 2018 - The Making of Contemporary Britain

    HIS 2063 - Recording History

    HIS 3012 - Working Class Communities in the UK, 1900-70

    HIS 3127 - Thatcher's Britain


    QUB Undergraduate Foundation Scholarship (2012-13)

    QUB Dennis Rebbeck Prize (2013)

    QUB Esther Ballantine Prize (2014)

    QUB Dr Hartford M. Hyde Award (2014)

    QUB K.H. Connell Prize (2014)

    QUB EU-UK MA Scholarship (2014/15)

    QUB Peel Prize (2015)

    AHRC Northern Bridge PhD Scholarship (2015)

    Santander Mobility Scholarship (2016)

    Northern Bridge Internship Scheme (2018)


    'Titanic struggle: memory, heritage and shipyard deindustrialisation in Belfast' in History Workshop Journal (Forthcoming, 2019).

    '"We're the only steel town to make it out alive": post-industrial 'success' and erasure in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (QUB Public History blog, 2018)

    '"The Isle of Vice?": Youth, class and the post-war holiday on the Isle of Man' in Cultural and Social History, vol 15, no. 3 (2018), pp 433-51.

    'Memory, conflict and class: the impact and legacy of deindustrialisation in Belfast and North East England since 1970' (QUB QUOTE, 10 July 2018).

    'The Isle of Man is a tax haven - but its prosperity has precarious roots' (The Conversation, 9 November 2017). 

    'Sexuality and the state in interwar Ireland: legislative responses in a European age of anxiety' in Queen's Political Review, vol 4, issue 1 (2015), pp 9-20.

    'Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State, 1920-1932: a comparative study' in Queen's Political Review, vol 3, (2014), pp 45-57.


    National Museum of Industrial History, Bethlehem, USA (July-December 2018)

    Concordia University Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling, Montreal, Canada (June 2015)

    Titanic Foundation, Belfast (January-May 2015)


    Durham Miners' Gala Film, Shut Out The Light Productions - Contributor 

    Coal and Steelworkers' Study Group - Member

    QUOTE (Queen's University Oral History, Technology & Ethics) - Member

    Durham Miners' Association - Member

    Boat Builders, BFI/New Notions Cinema documentary - Consultant

    Queen's Political Review, Northern Ireland, Great Britain and Ireland - Section Editor, 2015-16

    Research Interests

    British and Irish social history. Oral history methodology. Deindustrialisation.

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