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    Research Statement

    Philip Fliers is an economic historian with interests in banking, corporate finance, financial economics and corporate governance. His research mostly addresses issues in Dutch financial and business history in the twentieth century. He studies the evolution of corporate decision making using a combination of financial data and archival evidence. Additionally, his research also answers contemporary questions on dividend stability and efficient capital allocation.

    Achievements and Distinctions

    Philip Fliers is a Reseach Fellow at Queen's University Belfast and a research associate of the Queen's Centre for Economic History.  Also he is a participant in the Erasmus Business History Group.

    Prior to joining Queen's he was an Assistant Professor of Finance at Utrecht University, where he taught courses in financial management, monetary theory and mergers and acquisitions. Before joining Utrecht, he was a full time Lecturer in Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands). During that time he worked on his PhD, which was completed in 2016. He had already obtained his MSc. degree in Financial Economics (2011) at the Erasmus School of Economics and obtained degrees in Business Economics (BSc.) and Philosophy (BA.). During his studies he was a visiting student at Queen's Management School.

    From 2011 to 2015, as part of his PhD, he participated in an externally funded (400k) project. In 2018, he was awared the LEG Fellowship Grant, and joined Monash Business School (Australia) as a visiting Professor of Finance.

    At Queen's he is one of the three participants in a Leverlume Trust Fund Project ('Rise of Corporate Titants')

    Research Interests

    • Economic and Financial History
    • Corporate Finance
    • Banking
    • Corporate Governance


    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Monetary Theory
    • Financial Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Valuation

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