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    Reza Rafiee

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    Reza is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert and machine learning scientist. He is currently a lecturer (Education) in data analytics and machine learning at EEECS while working on developing bioinformatics tools for various cancer subtypes in collaboration with Stratified Medicine Group at CCRCB in QUB. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) and has a PhD in Machine Learning from Newcastle University (UK), MSc degree in AI and Robotics from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) and BEng degree (Hons.) in Computer Engineering from Iran Azad University. Prior to the current position, he did several successful tours of duty at academia and software industry (Full Publications). He has significantly contributed to several biomarker & subgroup discovery projects and machine learning based projects including:

    1. Developed a web-based immune based classification software for solid tumours which can be accessed at
    2. Developed a novel assay and molecular classification method based on a minimal DNA methylation signature suitable for routine diagnostic purpose, his developed web-based classifiers can be accessed at
    3. Biostatistical analysis of an infant Medulloblastoma cohort with focus on high-risk factors (
    4. Developed a NanoString classifier based on RNA-Seq data, in collaboration with Institute Curie in Paris
    5. Developed an analysis pipeline for the WGES (Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing) data of diagnostics/relapsed Medulloblastoma using GATK (Genome Analysis Toolkit)
    6. Integrating high-dimensional biological cohorts using tensor decomposition techniques
    7. Developed a novel algorithm and software to rank popular videos accross Youtube repository. A Youtube channel with more than 100K likes and million views is the outcome of this algorithm.   



    May 2019 - Present   Academic Lecturer (Education) in Data Analytics and Machine Learning at EEECS, Queen's University Belfast, UK

    Jun 2017 - Apr 2019   Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Stratified Medicine Group (SMG) in Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen's University Belfast, UK

    Jan 2014 - May 2017   Postdoctoral Research Associate at Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, UK

    Aug 2013 - Dec 2013   Software Developer at Prophet Technology Ltd, Gateshead, UK

    Apr 2009 - Jul 2013   PhD in Machine Learning (Image Processing/Computer Vision), Newcastle University, UK

    Sep 2006 - Jan 2009   Founder/CEO and Software Team Leader, Modern Enterprise Technology Corporation (METech), IRAN

    Sep 2001 - Apr 2009   Academic Lecturer at Iran Azad University, IRAN

    Sep 1998 - Jan 2001   MSc in Artificial Intellignece and Robotics, Iran University of Science and Technology, IRAN 



    Research Interests

    1. High-throughput genomic analysis, integrating complex and multi-scale biological datasets
    2. Developing AI-based methods and applying them to clinically annotated omics data accross multiple cancer subtypes
    3. Developing commercial and clinically applicable AI-based software 
    4. All statistical pattern recognition techniques, but not limited to, unsupervised, semi-supervised and supervised learning
    5. High-dimensional data processing and mining in Illumina 450K/EPIC DNA Methylation and RNA-Seq (NGS data)
    6. Mass-Spec DNA methylation and NanoString mRNA gene expression processing
    7. Developing bioinformatics tools, pipelines and software for the analysis of genetic and epigenetic features of cancer-associated diseases in large cohorts
    8. Developing video search engines using Youtube APIs 


    MSc/PhD Supervision

    I am seeking new talented MSc/PhD students with strong background in mathematics, machine learning and software development to join an existing research/development project. Please send your CV and a statement of research interests to my email.  


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