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    Achievements and Distinctions

    Seagate Technology / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in Advanced Materials for Data Storage (2017-2022)

    Elected Fellow (FInstP) of Institute of Physics (IOP) 2005


    Director, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration & Advanced Data Storage

    Senior Advisory Panel, Institute of Physics Publishing, Journal of Physics: Materials (2018 - )

    Member IOP Awards Committee (2017-2021)

    Member IOP Heads of Physics Steering Committee (2016 - )

    Member IOP Audit & Risk Committee (2013-17) 

    Member IOP Magnetism Group (2013-17)

    Member IOP Governing Council (2009-13)

    Chair of the Nations & Branches of IOP (2009-11)

    Chair of IOP in Ireland (2008-10)

    Visiting Professor at Sogang University, Korea (2008-10)


    PHY3002 Advanced Solid State Physics

    Level 4 MSci Projects Supervisor

    Research Interests

    Advanced materials for data storage, nanoscale & nanostructured functional materials.

    Research Statement

    Current research is directed towards the development and evaluation of advanced materials for data storage technology. Topics being investigated include; rare earth magnetism, rare-earth-ferromagnetic coupling phenomena, synthetic magnetic multilayers and palsmonic materials to facilitate heat assisted magnetic recording sponsored by industry. This is recognised through the award of Royal Academy of Engineering Research Chair in partnership with Seagate Technology.

    I lead ANSIN ( This is an advanced materials hub, established in 2010, in partnership with Seagate Technology with the initial investment of £7.5M of state of the art equipment and a £250K business development fund. Also established was a £1.7M programme engaging ten researchers on new materials and processes for read/write heads used in data storage in support of the R&D Group Seagate Technology's manufacturing site Springtown. From its dedicated site in IRCEP at Queen's ANSIN has a mission to develop new eco-system in advanced materials in NI and beyond by fostering new linkages and hosting pre-competitive research collaborations. Since 2010 we have underatken a range of projects with funders and industrial clients. 

    2014 saw the awared of a EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Photonic Integration & Advanced Data Storage in collaboration with colleagues in physics and electronic engineering at the Univerity of Glasgow. £8.1m of inital support will see recruitment of cohorts of ten PhDs, each year, for the next five years. Twelve industry partners are involved. 


    Director, Causeway Sensors Ltd.

    A spin-out company specialising in nanostructured surfaces for a range of sensing applicaitons

    Frequent Journals

    • Applied Physics Letters

      ISSNs: 0003-6951

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 0003-6951

      American Institute of Physics

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 3.25 SJR 1.382 SNIP 1.167


    • Journal of Applied Physics

      ISSNs: 0021-8979

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1089-7550

      American Institute of Physics Publising LLC

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 2.03 SJR 0.739 SNIP 0.953


    • Integrated Ferroelectrics

      ISSNs: 1058-4587

      Taylor and Francis Ltd.

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 0.41 SJR 0.182 SNIP 0.233


    • Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

      ISSNs: 0022-3727

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1361-6463

      IOP Publishing Ltd.

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 2.38 SJR 0.717 SNIP 1.011


    • Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)

      ISSNs: 0163-1829, 1098-0121

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1095-3795

      American Institute of Physics Publising LLC

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 3.34 SJR 1.604 SNIP 1.04


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