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      Research Statement

      An alumnus of Queen’s University Belfast, Prof Ronan Deazley joined the Law School in September 2015 having previously taught at the University of Glasgow, the University of Birmingham and Durham University.

      Enjoying international reputation for his scholarship on copyright history, and law and cultural heritage, Prof Deazley’s research has been cited by the Australian High Court, the New York Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court. His published works have been variously described as ‘strongly recommended for all who aspire to an informed understanding of the evolution of copyright law and of the way in which it should continue to evolve’ (On the Origin of the Right to Copy, 2004), as ‘essential reading for anybody interested in copyright, intellectual history and current public policy choices in intellectual property’ (Privilege and Property, 2010), as well as ‘contrarian’ and a ‘manifesto’ (Rethinking Copyright, 2006).

      He was a founding member of the International Society for the History and Theory of Intellectual Property Law (2008) and is the General Editor of, and a principal contributor to, the Copyright User Portal (, an independent online resource established in 2014 that makes UK copyright law more accessible to creators, media professionals, students and the general public.

      At present, Prof Deazley's main research interests concern the way in which the copyright regime impacts the work of the archive sector in enabling online access to our shared cultural heritage, both within and across borders.

      Prof Deazley is also a qualified archivist.

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