Saad Almohammed

    Saad Almohammed

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    LLB (Hons), LLM, PhD in Law Researcher: Focus on financial regulation, corporate law and finance law, financial and securities regulations, investment policy, combining practical and theoretical insights.

    Prior to start in higher education by undertaking a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, Saad worked as a qualified lawyer at GCC countries and an independent legal consultant in both Kuwait and Qatar for several companies and Capital Market Authorities. Saad has a vast experience in the legal profession and practical understanding of the law. His is a CEO of Al-Dar Law Firm. Saad has been working as legal consultant and business analyst for more than 45 companies and contributed to a corporate restructuring of legal and financial terms of many companies in Kuwait, Dubai and Qatar with a particular focus on the global financial crisis consequences of 2007–2008, which has increased his ability to become a board member of various companies. 

    In the past years, legal and finance research caught his attention, applying the practical aspects of his experiences as an independent legal consultant with over twelfth years of experiences to the research field. Saad writes widely in the field of the complexity of corporate law and financial regulation in a number of leading Gulf’s newspapers. His doctoral thesis contribution lies on a comparative study of the securities markets and stock exchanges in the US, UK and emerging markets. He has executing duties as a tutor at QUB and Oxford Academy.


    Research Interests

    Saad's general working and research interest lies in the fields of complexity of corporate law, financial regulation and finance law such as: Fintech, Regtech and Cryptocurrencies Regulation l Innovations law l Venture Capital and Equity Crowdfunding Regulations l Artificial Intelligence l E-commerce Market Design l Big data l Digital Finance l ICOs l Smart Regulation & Smart Contract, and all that's shaping up the future of Alternative Finance l Foreign Investors Policies l Stock Market & Securities Law l Corporate Governance l Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Law (SMEs) l Entrepreneurs and Startups Regulations l Sharing Economy l Islamic Finance l Islamic Banking Law l Investment Firms and Regulatory Compliance

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