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    Research Statement

    Sakil has recently completed his PhD in Computer Science from the Queen’s University Belfast. His PhD research delivered accurate and efficient anomaly detection techniques for Cloud and mobile devices to protect them against cybersecurity attacks. During his PhD Sakil was part of couple of European projects, namely CACTOS ( and VINEYARD ( In CACTOS, Sakil was engaged in monitoring and analysing server logs in a Cloud data centre in order to detect anomalies arising due to cybersecurity attacks. Whereas, in VINEYARD, Sakil designed a Spark-based programming model for executing tasks in the project's heterogenous computing platform. 

    Currently, as a postdoctoral research fellow, Sakil is working on an EPSRC project named biohaviour ( where he is designing an actor-based framework for manufacturing in the Cloud. Overall, Sakil's research interests include cloud computing, data analytics, machine learning, and anomaly detection.

    Research Interests

    Cloud computing, data analytics, anomaly detection, smartphone malware detection, HPC, edge analytics, IoT

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    ID: 149810655