Sandeep Kumar

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    Research Interests

    Polymer scientist with broad and deep experience in a wide variety of polymer-based sciences including polymeric materials, polymeric nanocomposites, polymeric blends, bio-nanomaterials, nanocellulose, colloidal dispersions, surface modifications, composite processing, polymer rheology, carbon nanomaterials filled conductive composites, barrier materials, electronic materials, characterizations, scale-up and new application developments

    Dr. Sandeep Kumar received his PhD in 2009 in the Materials Science and Engineering program from the Indian Institute of Technology, India. He worked on processing and technology of nanofilled and self-reinforced high-performance polymer composites. From February 2009 to July 2010, he was a Post-doctoral research scientist in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering of Washington State University, Pullman, USA where he worked in the field of polymer composites reinforced with carbon nanofillers. The prime goal of the project was to develop highly dispersed and conductive polymer composites for electrostatic dissipation applications in the aerospace industry. From October 2010 to October 2012, he was a post-doctoral research scientist in polymer chemistry and materials group at Adolphe Merkle Institute, University of Fribourg, Switzerland where he conducted research on bio-inspired nanocellulose/polymer nanocomposites, manufacturing technologies, processability issues, and finally scale-up for commercial applications (Product development). At DuPont (world leading materials science company), his focus involved the development of multi-functional polymer bio-nanocomposites, characterization and structure-property relationship, design of bio-materials to improve dispersions, viscosity, surface wettability and surface polarity to enable new applications and product development. Whilst working at DuPont, he was honoured with several awards including the ‘Golden Eagle of the Year’ award and ‘Idea to Innovation’ award. In his current role, at Queen’s University Belfast, his focus involves the development of different assemblies of carbon nanotube webs, and their successful exploitation in structural health monitoring of composites structures.

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    • Journal of Applied Polymer Science

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