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    Sarah Miller

    Senior Lecturer

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    Research Statement

    My research revolves around three inter-related themes: Social emotional development, academic attainment and programme evaluation. Within this I have a particular interest in the development of prosocial behaviour in pre-school and primary school children as well as literacy and numeracy progression more generally. I have designed, conducted and published a number of large-scale studies, which have included: simple and cluster randomised controlled trials, systematic reviews, quasi-experimental evaluations and cross sectional surveys. Currently I am Principal or Co-Investigator on four large-scale randomised controlled trials in Education and am undertaking a number of systematic reviews in related areas.


    Leadership roles

    Deputy Director: Campbell UK & Ireland

    CESI Strand Lead: What Works in Schools


    Current projects

    • Connolly, P., Dunne, L., Kee, F., McGovern, M., Miller., S., Taylor, L., Winter, K., Woodcock, K. (2017-2020). Early childhood development for peacebuilding, National Institute for Health research (NIHR)
    • Miller, S., Dunne, L. (2017-2019). A cluster randomised controlled trial evaluation of the Peep Learning Together Programme, Education Endowment Foundation
    • Dunne, L., Miller, S. (2017-2019). A cluster randomised controlled trial evaluation of the NELI (early language) programme, Education Endowment Foundation
    • Sloan, S., Gildea., A., Miler, S., & Thurston, A. (2016-2018). A Randomised controlled trial evaluation of ‘Zippy’s Friends’, Education Endowmnent Foundation
    • Connolly, P., & Miller, S. (2015-2016. The effectiveness of school based social emotional learning programmes: a systematic review, HSC R&D Office

    Completed projects

    • Connolly, P., Kee, F., Miller, S., Gildea, A., Sloan, S. McIntosh, E., Rafferty, H. (2011-2015). A cluster randomised controlled trial evaluation and cost-effectiveness analysis of the Roots of Empathy schools-based programme for improving social and emotional wellbeing outcomes among 8-9 year olds in Northern Ireland, NIHR
    • Miller, S., Sloan, S., Gildea, A. & Thurston, A. (2014-2015) A randomised controlled trial of Engaging parents through text messaging, Education Endowment Foundation
    • Miller, S., Dunne, L., Millen, S. & McGeady, C. (2008-2014) A randomized controlled trial of the Lifestart Parenting Programme, Atlantic Philanthropies through the Lifestart Foundation
    • Miller, S., Gildea, A., Sloan, S. & Thurston, A. (2013-2014) A feasibility study of the Physically Active Lessons programme, Education Endowment Foundation
    • Biggart, A., O’Hare, L., Miller, S. & Sloan, S. (2013-2014). An evaluation of the Success for All UK reading programme, Education Endowment Foundation
    • Miller, S. & Harrison, H. (2012-2013) A randomised controlled trial evaluation of the early years DELTA Parenting Programme, DELTA Community Parenting Programme
    • Miller, S. & Eakin, A. (2011–2013) The Rialto Learning Community out of school time (OST) project: An evaluation of process and outcomes, Atlantic Philanthropies through Rialto Youth Project
    • Miller, S., Maguire, L.K. & Macdonald, G. (2011) Home-based child development interventions for preschool children from socially disadvantaged families, Cochrane Fellowship from the Research and Development Office, Northern Ireland, UK
    • Miller, S., Connolly, P., Maguire, L.K. (2009-2010) Follow-up evaluation of the Time to Read pupil mentoring scheme, Atlantic Philanthropies through Business in the Community
    • Sibbett, C., Miller, S., Emerson, L. & Forbes, T. (2010-2012) Youth suicide clusters in Northern Ireland, ContactNI
    • Connolly, P., Maguiness, C., Miller, S. & Eakin, A. Making it Work Research Programme, Early Years
    • Miller, S., Connolly, P., Lundy, L.  Emerson, L., & Maguire, L. (2007-2008) Ready to Learn: the Needs of Primary School Children in Disadvantaged Areas, Barnardo’s Northern Ireland
    • Miller, S. & Connolly, P. (2006-2008) Evaluation of the Time to Read pupil mentoring scheme, Atlantic Philanthropies through Business in the Community




    Survey Methods in Education EDD9061

    Experimental methods in Education EDD9063

    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
    - Child development
    - Social emotional learning
    - Using experimental methodology, systematic review and meta-analysis to generate and better understand evidence of what works

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