Sree Nanukuttan

    Dr Sree Nanukuttan

    Senior Lecturer

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    I started my career by working at an Architectural Consultancy company in 2001 specialising in project management and structural retrofit. I took the offer to do a PhD at Queen's in 2002 and went on to develop a concrete test instrument that is now commercialised and marketed by Amphora NDT Ltd. After completing my PhD in 2007, I worked alongside optoelectronics researchers in developing fibre optic sensors for concrete structures. Since early 2008, I went on to specialise on Service Life Modelling of Concrete structures and became a lecturer in late 2008.

    My work specialises on Management of Built Infrastructure. This involves condition assessment and management of bridges, piers, culverts and also developing a management strategy for new structures in extreme environments. I help clients in assessing the condition of their asset and develop a life cycle management plan. The same principle is also applied to buildings to improve the energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

    I recently completed an industrial secondment with Roads Service Northern Ireland supported by Royal Academy of Engineering which gives me a fantastic opportunity to put some of the theories into practice.

    We recently organised the first Civil Engineering Research in Ireland conference at Riddel Hall on 28-29th August 2014. This was first event of the newly formed Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland and I am the President of the association for 2014-16. Further details please visit


    For further information on Durable Transport Infrastructure for Atlantic Area Programme click here DuratiNET



    I specialise on Durability of Structures, Whole Life Management and Concrete Technology/Production Process

    Achievements and Distinctions

    Concrete Canoe Race 2013 - watch the YouTube video

    4 canoes - 1 GeoPolymer, 1 composite with basalt fibre reinfrocement, 1 traditional concrete canoe and 1 super light weight silica based canoe & 8 UnderGraduate students.

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