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    Research Interests

    I have an interest in investigating social reactions to behaviour deemed to be criminal or harmful in different contexts. Currently I am exploring the relationship between crime, punishment and war, as these relate to specific and differnt social contexts and changes in governing and security discourses and practices. I have also developed an interest in how risk, control and security are experienced or produced through technology thanks to a project on risk, borders and security technology. I would also be interested in investigating what technologies and logics are used to produce security in different contexts. I have mostly worked on the basis of Michel Foucault's and Giorgio Agamben's analysis, and I am influenced by some feminist writings, but I am open to different approaches and theories. 

    Key Words

    reactions to criminal and harmful activities, security and technology, risk, war and its relations to issues of crime and justice, forms of punishment in war, military intervention, security sector reform, state crimes, and feminist issues.


    I d be very happy to hear of your interests in related areas and discuss possible research projects.


    Research Statement


    I am currently finalising a monograph for Routledge entitled Understanding war as punishment: punitive logics beyond the state (due in 2019). It draws partly from my PHD thesis. The PhD analyzed the use of military force in the post 9/11 'war on terror' context with particular reference to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It investigated the overlap of criminology and international relations, the use of war, or the threat of it, as a means of punishing and establishing order, thus defining borders in the international sphere. The new monograph expands that framework to understand the punitive logics behind some recent military interventions considering in particular Kosovo, Iraq and Libya. It draws on works on the continuum between military might and policing, by looking at how after these military interventions disciplining institutions were constructed and shaped in the local contexts, considering specifically security sector reforms.


    Before my PhD on the war on terror, I worked on prostitution, theoretically on some criminalising/victimizing feminist understanding of prostitution, and empirically on crimes committed against female migrants by criminal organizations, in the context of Italy's restrictive migration regimes. Further, I was involved into an enquiry into issues of youth prostitution in the region of Emilia Romagna (Italy) that was part of the European Project Stop Trafficking in Europe.


    Education/ Academic Qualifications

    Law Degree, University of Bologna (Italy): First Class

    MA Criminology and Research Method, Keele University, UK

    PhD Ulster University, Northern Ireland

    Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Educational Teaching, Queen's University Belfast.

    Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


    In 2014-2015 I was a visiting scholar at the Centre for the Study of Law and Society, in UC Berkeley (California), in 2018 at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (Germany). As a student I was a visiting scholar at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice (New York) and I attended  a course on Historiography of Feminist Ideas with Rosi Braidotti in the Women's Studies Centre (Utrecht University).


    CRM 2001 Criminological Theory;

    CRM3007 Criminology Beyond Borders.

    Contribution To other modules: Surveillance, Global Wrongs and State Crime, Critical Criminology, and Research Dissertation. 

    In the past

    CRM1002 Exploring Criminology

    CRM3002 Research Dissertation. 

    CRM2008 Development of Policing (Interrnational Policing)

    CRM3002 Research Project and Dissertation (Literature Review).

    MA level, Key Issues in Social Theory (Governmentality Theory)

    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
    - Security, Technology, Border
    - military and police continuum: criminal justice, police and punishment in war, and military in civilian spaces
    - Crime and Conflict: war as crime, and crime in war
    - Reactions to harmful behaviour and different forms of social control

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