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    Research Interests

    Tristan Sturm is currently interested in critical public health geographies. He just finished an ethnographic DRILL funded project on spaces of empowerment for people with dementia. Since 2016 he has been researching lead drinking water pipes and the historical and present health impacts of lead in Belfast, the UK, and Ireland. He is a key stakeholder in the "Unleaded Spaces" contextual project being run as Public Colab ( in 2018-2019 in Architecture. 

    He is finishing a book, The Future is a Foreign Country, on American Christian Zionist pilgrims in Israel and Palestine. 

    He has been the SNBE SWAN Co-Champion since 2016, was the local UCU branch secretary  (2017-18), he is a VS Staff Forum rep for the SNBE, he is the Geography Tutor Leader, and he sits on the faculty EPS Extended Leadership Team (ELT). 

    He curently supervises 4 PhD students: Megan O'Kane (ESRC), Tom Albrecht (ESRC), Dan Webster (DFE), and John Erwin. 

    He is interested in researching and supervising students on these related topics:

    1. Critical public health geographies

    2. Political geographies of religious movements

    3. Apocalyptic thought related to climate change and nationalism


    Frequent Journals

    • Geopolitics

      ISSNs: 1465-0045

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1557-3028


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 1.86 SJR 0.921 SNIP 1.278


    • The Arab World Geographer

      ISSNs: 1480-6800

      University of Akron

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 0.09 SJR 0.114 SNIP 0.162


    • Area

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1475-4762


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 2.09 SJR 0.989 SNIP 0.949


    • American Review of Canadian Studies

      ISSNs: 0272-2011

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1943-9954

      Taylor and Francis Ltd.

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 0.11 SJR 0.107 SNIP 0.172


    • Middle Eastern Studies

      ISSNs: 0026-3206

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1743-7881


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 0.44 SJR 0.301 SNIP 1.017


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