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    Research Statement

    My research traverses the areas of arts and cultural management and cultural policy practice. While cultural policy research is concerned with decisions governments make, or even neglect to make, in relation to culture, arts and cultural management study examines the organization, dissemination and administration of art and culture within institutionally- and freelance-based cultural labour practices, such as in museums and galleries.

    My work is interdisciplinary, but based in the social sciences. It is informed by interpretive approaches that are historically grounded and often based on collaborative research designs, data collection and analysis with research participants.

    My research stresses the interconnected relationship between arts management and cultural policy and investigates what and how particular individuals, groups and cultural forms are included and / or excluded in the practices and policies of national and local cultural institutions and government bodies. Identifying and questioning locations of power in these processes and how these positions impact on the representation of people’s identities, traditions, experiences and voices are inherent in my work.

    These aspects include considering the impact of arts activities more generally on social policy outcomes, such as social inclusion, reconciliation and more recently, inter- and cross-community dialogue (particularly communities of practice / profession, locality, and experience (age, ethno-religious identity, and nationality)).

    While engagement with the public is key to my work, I also call for greater recognition within cultural policy discourse of the viewpoints, positions, and experiences of individuals (practitioners and policy-makers—particularly at local government level) who traverse policy and how they interact with the public in determining what cultural policies and practices are of value.

    I welcome PhD students who would like to work in any of these areas. 


    Research Interests

    cultural policy; arts management; social policy; impact studies; participation; representation


    Co-founder, Cultural Policy Observatory Ireland, an all island research network involving practitioners, policymakers and researchers, seeking to raise the profile of cultural policy research on the island

    Member of the editorial board of the Irish Journal of Arts Management and Cultural Policy.

    Co-founder, Brokering Intercultural Exchange, a network of researchers, educators, students and practitioners seeking to understand how and what intercultural relations emerge in the practice of arts and cultural management, for which I was awarded an AHRC Networking Grant with Co-Investigator Raphaela Henze in 2016.

    Co-Investigator of The Art of Reconciliation: Do reconciliation-funded arts projects transform conflict?, a co-produced research project funded by the AHRC with QUB colleagues David Grant and Des O'Rawe and Matt Jennings (UU), Peter Campbell (University of Liverpool), Sarah Jankowitz, and Peter Shirlow, Principal Investigator (University of Liverpool)


    Pathway Convenor, MA in Arts Management, teaching international issues in cultural policy, particularly their relationship to arts management practices; negotiating partnerships; reflexive management practice; issues concerning engaging audiences.

    At undergraduate level, my teaching introduces students to arts management through the design and delivery of a public arts event.

    I am currently developing teaching strategies for intercultural education in arts management.


    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am open to PhD applications in the fields of sociology, arts, arts management and cultural policy with particular interest in:
    - Policy design / delivery
    - Inclusion and inequality in arts / cultural production and consumption
    - Social processes of cultural production and participation

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