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    Research Interests

    The main research interests of Dr. Zhang are the production of power, heat, fuel, and chemicals from renewable energy resources, mainly include:

    Multi-scale process modelling on biomass thermochemical conversion processes: Atomic/molecular mechanism of biomass thermochemical conversion pathways; Kinetics of biofuels production pathways; Techno-economic analysis on biomass gasification, combustion, and co-firing with coal/natural gas; Catalytic pyrolysis and gasification; Biomass gasification with further upgrading into diesel additives; Intermediates of solid fuel pyrolysis; Clean combustion technologies, i.e. chemical-looping combustion, flameless combustion;

    Solid fuel characterization: Molecular structural investigation of biomass; Atomic/molecular level interaction of different components within biomass; Biomass pretreatment technologies, i.e. torrefaction, steam explosion; Handling and transportation of biomass feedstock;

    Power generation of pulverized coal boiler and circulating fluidized bed boiler: Thermodynamic calculation and optimization of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler; Thermodynamic calculation of steam turbine system; Simulation of the combustion system in CFB boiler; Pollution emissions during power generation; Hybrid renewable energy systems for power generation.


    Dr. Xiaolei Zhang is a lecturer in Clean Energies research group in school of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The majority of her research has been devoted to investigate the production of power, heat, fuel, and chemicals from renewable energy resources, mainly including: process modelling, kinetic, and mechanism studies on biomass thermal conversion processes (pre-treatment, pyrolysis, gasification, and combustion); power generation; and integral techno-economic and environmental assessment on renewable energy systems.

    Dr. Zhang earned her B.Sc and M.Sc from North China Electric Power University, China, at 2007 and 2009, respectively, both in thermal engineering. She received her Ph.D. at 2013 from Royal Institute of Technology-KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, her doctoral study topic was macro- and micro-scale modelling of the biomass thermal conversion process. After graduation from Sweden, She worked for one year in University of Alberta, Canada, as a post-doctoral fellow, on the integral techno-economic and life cycle assessment (energy analysis, economic analysis, and GHG emissions calculation) on processes of biomass gasification, liquifaction, co-firing, etc.


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