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    Over career, my research has focused on exploring the relationship between gender and democracy. My approach has combined fine-grained indepth case study research (largely Ireland and Northern Ireland) and medium-scale qualitative comparative studies (mainly European countries). My central research study has led me to devise a new concept 'gender democracy' that is now becoming widely used in the scholarly community to highlight the gendered nature of democratic politics and practices. The concept, and its measurement, has been rigorously tested in the RECON book report for Europe, States of Democracy: Gender and Politics in the European Union (2015 - published in paperback in 2017). I have found that this analytical framework can be applied to other decision-making contexts, such as Higher Education. I use this framework as the basis for my further EU-funded projects. The other major strand of my gender and democracy research focuses on political representation, and the causes and consequences of women's political under-representation. This foundational work has in recent years made a significant contribution to public and policy thinking on measures to alleviate the continued under-representation of women in political life, for which I have been cited in the House of Commons and Dail debates. The centenary of suffrage has brought my work in this area to the public realm. In my capacity as Fellow of the Mitchell Institute, I have recently begun taking a close look at the representation of women in post-conflict societies, with plans for a comparative study with Professor Paula Rayman.

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      European integration and gender

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      Gender and Politics

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      Women in Politics

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