Improving Palliative Care in Long Term Care Homes Using Participatory Action Research ($607.520.00, Technology Evaluation in the Elderly Network, Canada)

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    Kevin Brazil (Recipient)

    Principal investigator: Kassalinen S; Co-investigators: Brazil K, Sussman T, Neves P, O’Leary J, Akhtar-Danesh N, Brazil K, Bonifas R, Bourgeois Guérin V, dal Bello-Haas V, Earl M, Kelley ML, McCleary L, McKee M, Papaioannou A, Parker D, Ploeg J, Sinclair S, Strachan P, Thompson G, Venturato L, Wickson-Griffiths A, You J, Young L
    Awarded date2014
    Granting OrganisationsTechnology Evaluation in the Elderly Network
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    ID: 126763122