Ecotopian Derry-Londonderry

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    Visions of ecological utopias or ecotopias are useful tools in the quest for an ecologically responsible future. They can help to engender public debate, while acting as a type of navigational compass to guide such discourse. However, for such visions to have maximum impact on a geographically defined group of people, they should include context specific historical references and use a setting with which the target audience have familiarity. In this invited workshop (August 2018), three writers, Don Duncan, Elizabeth Byrne and Oonagh Barronwell, created site-specific ecotopian short stories for Derry-Londonderry, playing on existing motifs, layouts and topography found in the historic city. Each story was set in 2084 and used the high emissions scenario as described in UKCP09. Beginning in January 2019, these stories will act as catalysts for the creation of fictional ecotopian futures using architectural processes and modes of representation. The combined outputs, stories and graphic illustrations, will be disseminated in Summer 2019, and their efficacy as tools for debate about a future ecotopian Derry-Londonderry will be assessed.

    This project was sponsored by the Culture and Society Research Cluster in the School of the Natural and Built Environment, QUB.
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeThis project is co-producing visions of ecological utopias for Derry-Londonderry using fiction and architectural representation
    Publication statusAccepted - 30 Aug 2018

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