Impact of nitrogen seeding on confinement and power load control of a high-triangularity JET ELMy H-mode plasma with a metal wall

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    • C. Giroud
    • G. P. Maddison
    • S. Jachmich
    • F. Rimini
    • M. N. A. Beurskens
    • I. Balboa
    • S. Brezinsek
    • R. Coelho
    • J. W. Coenen
    • L. Frassinetti
    • E. Joffrin
    • M. Oberkofler
    • M. Lehnen
    • Y. Liu
    • S. Marsen
    • K. McCormick
    • A. Meigs
    • R. Neu
    • B. Sieglin
    • G. van Rooij
    • G. Arnoux
    • P. Belo
    • M. Brix
    • M. Clever
    • Ivor Coffey
    • S. Devaux
    • D. Douai
    • T. Eich
    • J. Flanagan
    • S. Grunhagen
    • A. Huber
    • M. Kempenaars
    • U. Kruezi
    • K. Lawson
    • P. Lomas
    • C. Lowry
    • I. Nunes
    • A. Sirinnelli
    • A. C. C. Sips
    • M. Stamp
    • S. Wiesen

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    This paper reports the impact on confinement and power load of the high-shape 2.5 MA ELMy H-mode scenario at JET of a change from all carbon plasma-facing components to an all metal wall. In preparation to this change, systematic studies of power load reduction and impact on confinement as a result of fuelling in combination with nitrogen seeding were carried out in JET-C and are compared with their counterpart in JET with a metallic wall. An unexpected and significant change is reported on the decrease in the pedestal confinement but is partially recovered with the injection of nitrogen.



    Original languageEnglish
    Article number113025
    Journal publication date27 Sep 2013
    Issue number11
    Publication statusPublished - 27 Sep 2013

    ID: 9595089