Parading through the Peace Process: Anthropology, Governance and Crisis in Northern Ireland

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      Because the authors both did work on the North Ireland parades, they became integrally involved as fieldworking anthropologists in the monitoring of these events, and in the creation of policy for their management. They detail how they worked with individuals and groups at every level, from protestors on the street up to the Secretary of State for the region. Later funded to examine legal and policing approaches to protests in other countries, especially South Africa, they show how they used this comparative knowledge to urge the implementation of measures which appear to have led to a diminution of violence in the parades. Finally, they assess their own contribution to the peace process in terms of contingency, timing, luck, flexibility, and industry.
      Original languageEnglish
      Title of host publicationAnthropology and Public Service: The UK Experience
      EditorsJeremy MacClancy
      ISBN (Electronic)978-1-78533-403-0
      ISBN (Print)978-1-78533-402-3
      StateAccepted - 2017

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