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      15. 2018
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      22. Published

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      24. Forthcoming
      25. Published
      26. Forthcoming
      27. Forthcoming
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      29. Early online date
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      32. Forthcoming
      33. Forthcoming
      34. Forthcoming

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      35. Forthcoming
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      46. Unpublished
      47. Early online date
      48. Forthcoming

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      49. Early online date
      50. Published
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      54. Published
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      58. Forthcoming
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      63. Published
      64. Published

        Who really cares about Northern Ireland?

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      67. Published

        Social Trust

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      68. Forthcoming

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      70. Forthcoming

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      73. Published
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      77. Early online date
      78. Published

        How churches are missing their opportunity to help build peace in Northern Ireland

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      79. Forthcoming
      80. Forthcoming
      81. Forthcoming

        Study protocol for the optimisation, feasibility testing and pilot cluster randomised trial of Positive Choices: A school-based social marketing intervention to promote sexual health, prevent unintended teenage pregnancies and address health inequalities in England

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      84. Early online date

        Empowering Mimicry: Female leader role models empower women in leadership tasks through body posture mimicry

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      85. Forthcoming

        From Problems to Potentials - The Urban Energy Transition of Gruž, Dubrovnik

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      86. Early online date
      87. Published

        How *not* to fix the Irish border problem: a brief response

        Hayward, K. 07 Apr 2018 LSE European Politics and Policy

        Research output: ResearchOther contribution

      88. Published

        Review Forum: Debbie Lisle's Holidays in the Danger Zone

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      90. Forthcoming

        Children’s agency in multi-belief settings: The case of community national schools in Ireland

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      91. Published

        How do we incorporate patient views into the design of healthcare services for older people: a discussion paper

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      92. Early online date
      93. Published

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      94. Forthcoming
      95. Published

        Questions and Answers on Diagnosis and Management of Patients with Peripheral Arterial Diseases: A Companion Document of the 2017 ESC Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Arterial Diseases, in collaboration with the European Society for Vascular Surgery (ESVS)

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      96. Published
      97. Early online date

        A community-based parent-support programme to prevent child maltreatment: Protocol for a randomised controlled trial

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      98. Early online date
      99. Published

        DIVA metabolomics: Differentiating vaccination status following viral challenge using metabolomic profiles

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      100. Early online date

        Peripheral Retinal Imaging Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease: A Pilot Study

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      101. Published
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