Total Synthesis of the Potent HIF-1 Inhibitory Antitumor Natural Product, (8R)-Mycothiazole, via Baldwin–Lee CsF/CuI sp3–sp2-Stille Cross-Coupling. Confirmation of the Crews Reassignment

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    A convenient asymmetric total synthesis of the potent HIF-1 inhibitory antitumor natural product, (−)- or (+)-(8R)-mycothiazole (1), is described. Not only does our synthesis confirm the 2006 structural reassignment made by Crews (Crews, P., et al. J. Nat. Prod. 2006, 69, 145), it revises the [α]D data previously reported for this molecule in MeOH from −13.7° to +42.3°. The newly developed route to (8R)-1 sets the C(8)–OH stereocenter via Sharpless AE/2,3-epoxy alcohol reductive ring opening and utilizes two Baldwin–Lee CsF/cat. CuI Stille cross-coupling reactions with vinylstannanes 8 and 3 to efficiently elaborate the C(1)–C(4) and C(14)–C(18) sectors.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages4
    Pages (from-to)4200–4203
    JournalOrganic Letters
    Journal publication date04 Sep 2015
    Issue number17
    Early online date14 Aug 2015
    Publication statusPublished - 04 Sep 2015

    ID: 16568508